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Professional Coaching Trends From The Past Year That Will Carry Into 2023 by Forbes Expert Panel®

Dr. GB Hewawasam, the CEO of ManoLead / FineFinish Engineering / INT Terminal Travel Group, was featured in Forbes Expert Panel for sharing his expert insight on the topic ‘Professional Coaching Trends From The Past Year That Will Carry Into 2023.’


Members pictured from left to right; Kevin KanLauren NajarJon MichailBrandy SimulaGamini HewawasamMichele CohenDave CorneliusAntonio GarridoKathleen ShanleyGabriella GoddardCristian HofmannKrumma JónsdóttirChristine RoseMark SamuelJoshua Miller

New technology and shifting industry norms have helped to usher in a number of new developments in professional coaching over the last year. These innovative new advancements resulted from organizations looking into alternate work models and the expanding use of tools like artificial intelligence and virtual reality. They now have a say in how the coaching sector develops in 2023.

As an industry expert, Dr. GB Hewawasam discusses how promoting true mindfulness techniques has had and will continue to have a significant influence on the coaching world.

“Many leaders have strived to incorporate mindfulness techniques into their coaching practices, but these methods lack an authentic form of mindfulness. In 2023, I aim to promote the true practice of introspection and how it allows a leader to make clear decisions in any situation. By practicing true mindfulness techniques, individuals can cultivate a greater state of mind, not just great habits.”

Gamini Hewawasam.

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