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Uncover the Luxury of Mindfulness in Sri Lanka for Students and Educators

Are you a student seeking academic excellence and personal growth? Are you an educator looking to enhance your teaching and create a more mindful classroom environment? Look no further. Join us at INTT Leisure for a transformative journey that blends the luxury of Sri Lanka with mindfulness experiences tailored for both students and educators.

What We Offer:

Student Empowerment: Equip students with mindfulness tools to reduce stress, improve focus, and excel academically, all within the lush and serene landscapes of Sri Lanka.

Educator Enhancement: Elevate your teaching skills and classroom management through mindfulness techniques that foster a positive and enriching learning environment.

Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka, where mindfulness has thrived for centuries, adding depth to your mindfulness journey.


Why Us?

Educational Expertise: Our mindfulness experts understand the unique needs of students and educators, offering guidance and support tailored to your educational journey.

Proven Benefits: Our programs have improved academic performance, reduced stress, and enhanced the overall educational experience for countless students and educators.

Flexible Options: Choose from various workshop formats to match your preferences and academic calendar.

Community Connection: Connect with like-minded individuals dedicated to nurturing minds and fostering a positive learning environment, both within our workshops and during your time in Sri Lanka.

Embark on a journey to nurture minds and create a positive impact on education, where the luxury of Sri Lanka’s natural beauty enhances your transformative experience. Join us now and start experiencing the profound benefits of mindfulness in education.