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Advice to Help Clients Build Resilience by Forbes Expert Panel®

Dr. GB Hewawasam, the CEO of ManoLead /  FineFinish Engineering  / INT Terminal Travel Group, was featured in Forbes Expert Panel for the second time this month for his expert advice on the topic ‘Advice to Help Clients Build Resilience’.


Members pictured from left to right; Cindy LamirGamini HewawasamTia Buckham-WhiteJoyce TalagMark AntoineAndrew TallentsLisa RangelChristy ChariseJames HotalingVix ReitanoAnna TanJill HelmerErin UrbanLaura DeCarloLeang Chung.

Dr. GB Hewawasam, CEO of ManoLead, FineFinish Engineering,  INT Terminal Travel Group featured in Forbes Expert Panel.

We are presented with difficulties, difficult choices, and countless daily duties that demand our time and energy every day. Sometimes, we don’t always get the outcomes we wanted or handle difficulties in ways we’re proud of finding the resilience to keep going despite failure, mental health difficulties, fatigue, loss, and other setbacks may appear unattainable, but there are actions you can do to create that capacity.

Here is a real-life example of advice provided to a client by Dr. GB Hewawasam to help the client recover from a difficult situation and carry that strength and momentum forward.

“By shifting the focus from external factors to internal processes, my client was able to alter the way they perceived and responded to situations. With this new mindset, they no longer felt discomfort from the unpredictable nature of life. Instead, they learned to remain secure within themselves and maintain a state of tranquility that allowed them to face any circumstance with confidence.”

Dr.Gamini Hewawasam

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