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The First Steps To Navigate A Prospective Pivot by Forbes Expert Panel®

Dr. GB Hewawasam, the CEO of ManoLead / FineFinish Engineering  / INT Terminal Travel Group, was featured in Forbes Expert Panel for the third time in December 2022 for his expert advice on the topic – ‘First steps recommended by coaches to their clients for navigating a prospective pivot.’


Members pictures from left to right; Gamini HewawasamVix ReitanoAina AliveAnna TanOsman KhanJohn EvansDoug HoltAndre ShojaieLisa Marie PlatskeMichele CohenPeter BoolkahDorota Klop-SowinskaJon DwoskinKathi LaughmanThomas Lim.

From changing markets to unexpected challenges to potential new opportunities, there are many reasons a business owner may consider a pivot. Before making that leap, however, it’s important to ensure the decision is well-planned—and, more importantly, that the plan is well-executed.

Laying the proper foundation is critical if a pivot is to produce the desired results. Dr. GB Hewawasam explains the first measures he would recommend to his clients for navigating a prospective pivot below.

“Most of the time, we are influenced by our emotions, making it difficult for us to find the right kind of reasoning without first calming down our emotions. Hence, it is very important to stay calm. Use reason to discover the right sort of thinking. This is the primary approach when attempting to pivot a business.”

Gamini Hewawasam

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