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Ways Leaders Can Beat Perfectionism And Boost Their Self-Confidence by Forbes Expert Panel®

Dr. GB Hewawasam, the CEO of ManoLead/FineFinish Engineering/INT Terminal Travel Group, was featured in the Forbes Expert Panel for his professional insight on “Ways Leaders Can Beat Perfectionism And Boost Their Self-Confidence.”

Even leaders who have achieved considerable success and possess confidence occasionally confront feelings of insufficiency and low self-esteem. For these individuals in leadership positions, their own perceived lack of authenticity can be intensified by an unwavering quest for perfectionism, causing even the slightest imperfections to be blown out of proportion. Nonetheless, in the face of these trials, leaders have the ability to alter this mindset and alleviate their perfectionist inclinations, all the while effectively fulfilling their duties.

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Below, Dr. GB Hewawasam offers a strategic approach for leaders to enhance their confidence.

“Everything within your control belongs to you, while that which lies beyond your control does not. The fundamental concept here is power. Whatever is unstable and uncomfortable is not under your power. Personalization shapes one’s personality. When you cease personalizing, your personality ceases to exist. Coming to this understanding empowers leaders to excel in any situation they encounter.”

Gamini Hewawasam, PhD

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