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Experience Tranquility Through Meditation Explore the world of mindfulness with our Meditation for Tranquility session, featuring the BIBO Breathing Technique. What We Offer:Discover deep relaxation and inner serenity. Observe your breathing patterns to gain insights into your mental state. Attain tranquility through controlled breathing. Cultivate mindfulness skills to stay present in…

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Mindfulness Coaching

Rediscover Serenity with Authentic Mindfulness Coaching for a Stress-Free LifeAt INTT Leisure, we offer coaching that encompasses speeches and workshops on introspection, thoughtfully crafted to alleviate stress for individuals from all walks of life. Our programs draw upon extensive academic research on the impact of introspection on personal growth and leadership. Whether you're an…

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Skilled Teachers

Our Experts Our primary aim is to showcase the exquisite experience of mindfulness in Sri Lanka to the world. Sri Lanka's deep-rooted history in mindfulness makes it the perfect destination for this unique journey. Amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Sri Lanka's lush landscapes, you have the opportunity to not only explore the ancient tradition…

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