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We are a Sri Lankan Destination Management Company (DMC) specializing in Mindfulness-Based Tourism

At INTT Leisure, we are a Sri Lankan Destination Management Company (DMC) with a passionate focus on mindfulness-based tourism. Our mission is to promote the authentic mindfulness practices deeply ingrained in Sri Lankan heritage, taking you to the very locations where these profound practices have thrived. Join us as we lead you on an enriching exploration of mindfulness, with INTT Leisure as your trusted destination management expert.

Mindfulness for Everyone

Embark on a distinctive journey into luxury with our Mindfulness Vacation in the serene landscapes of Sri Lanka. This prestigious location grants unparalleled access to the authentic teachings of mindfulness, an art and technique we’ve perfected. As you immerse yourself in this enchanting destination, we invite you to participate in profound self-reflection and practice alongside us. Each aspect of this experience is meticulously curated to provide deep insights, enriching your understanding of your innermost self. This isn’t merely a vacation; it’s a unique occasion to align with your core amidst the stunning beauty of Sri Lanka. Join us on this quest to explore, connect, and truly comprehend your essence.

Immerse Yourself in the Authenticity of Original Mindfulness and Wellness Amidst Sri Lanka's Breathtaking Beauty.

We provide bespoke mindfulness activities tailored to your needs. Our highly skilled teachers, with decades of experience in the art of mindfulness, guide you through each session. Set in idyllic locations, our excursions lead you to moments of pure joy in untouched landscapes. We employ the original practices of meditation, underpinned by research that validates its efficacy for travelers like you. Discover a harmonious blend of mindfulness and exploration, curated especially for your journey of self-discovery


For tranquility of mind
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Mindfulness Coaching

Our goal is to bring the true meaning of mindfulness to the world
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Skilled Teachers

A team of business leaders and monks who are experts in mindfulness
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Experience the magic of Sri Lanka, where cherished memories an
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Experience the Luxury of Mindfulness in Sri Lanka


Helping you find stress relief.

We utilize the authentic teachings of mindfulness to help you alleviate stress

01. Get a customized itinerary according to your requirements
02. Explore and select your perfect package tour

Event Schedule

Our workshops aim to promote authentic mindfulness to the world and empower leaders and individuals from all walks of life to embrace mindful living.

Oct, 2022

Wisdom in the times of Crisis

Washington October 14, 2022 08:00
Sep, 2022

Exploring the Impact of Mindfulness on Leadership

Mihinthale September 17, 2022 10:58

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Jim Ludema

I recently embarked on a mindfulness journey in the breathtaking landscapes of Sri Lanka, and it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. The serene beauty of this island, combined with the mindfulness practices, left me feeling like an entirely new person. The tranquility I found amidst the natural wonders of Sri Lanka transformed me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It was a truly rejuvenating and life-changing experience that I highly recommend to anyone seeking inner peace and personal growth.

Jim Ludema

Global Leader


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